Taylor Way & Clyde Avenue in WEST VANCOUVER

About Our Trees

douglas-firCultured & Wild Douglas Fir

Cultured: Well shaped, bushy branches, traditional shape, semi fragrant.
Wild: Forest grown, our “Charlie Brown” tree.

fraser-firFraser Fir

Needles darker, white underside, stiff branches. Faint tangerine scent.

grand-firGrand Fir

Very fragrant, bushy, relaxed branches. Traditional shape.

alpine-firAlpine Fir

Needles soft to the touch, flattened (two- sided), white-grayish on undersides, and are up to 3⁄4 inches long.

noble-firNoble Fir

Well spaced, stiff horizontal branches. Holds its needles well.

nordman-firNordman Fir

Strong branches, dark needles, striped underside and spaced branches.

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